The Union of Albanian Journalists denounces the criminal threats against journalists in Mitrovica. We ask for the punishment of the individuals that threatened and inhibited free reporting in the bordering area between Kosovo and Serbia.

Statement of the Union of Albanian Journalists (Tirana, October 13, 2021)

The violent episodes in the northern part of Mitrovica by aggressive and criminal elements against Kosovo’s law enforcement are a cause for great concern, not only in Kosovo. The Union of Albanian Journalists has been alerted by journalists and journalists’ associations in Kosovo and the region that reporters from local media were subject to aggressive behavior and physical threats. These dangers and threats stemming from criminal and radical Serb individuals, gathered to confront law enforcement, are unacceptable.

In some cases, the mob attacked and hit with various items the group of reporters and operators from different media channels and continued with their aggressive behavior throughout the entire manifestation.

The Union of Albanian Journalists calls on the authorities to guarantee the safety of journalists reporting from the field and take the necessary legal measures against all those that seek to inhibit and threaten journalists. We encourage our colleagues to continue reporting from Mitrovica and continue in their mission to inform. We call on other organizations from the region to join us in solidarity with the colleagues in Kosovo and to act in various forums, including in EU countries, by calling for the protection of fundamental rights like free expression and reporting.

Press Office
Union of Albanian Journalists

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